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Published: 24th December 2009
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Wood-Tex Products (Tex, a play on the word technician), was established by Sanford and
Barb Lapp in 1983. Moving from Lancaster County,
Pennsylvania, to Himrod, New York, the Lapps combined
their love of horses and craftsmanship to start a small family
owned business selling high quality wooden sheds. The Lapps
opened their doors 25 years ago with three shed styles. The
business expanded exponentially through the years to what it is
today, selling hundreds of different styles of log cabins, garages,
storage sheds, workshops, run-in horse and animal shelters, a
variety of horse barns, gazebos, pool houses, and playhouses
nationwide. "What separates Wood-Tex Products buildings from
competitors," owner Barb Lapp says, "is that each structure
receives the attention of a skilled Mennonite craftsman, not the
programmed routine of an assembly line."

The Lapps believe in high quality workmanship, excellent
customer service, and complete customer satisfaction. Barb
says, "Pre fab is simply the most efficient way to go! We have
customers tell us all the time that they couldn't build the barn
for what we can sell it to them for and it's the truth. The whole
process is streamlined to offer maximum benefits to the customer
while covering production costs as effectively as possible."
Wood-Tex ships nationwide; structures are fully assembled
with the exception of modular barns, which are shipped in two
complete sections. The roof and any overhangs are completed
on site. Building time is usually one to three days. All the general
construction aggravation of hiring a local contractor is avoided.
The customer is responsible for preparing the site, but the staff
is happy to answer questions, guide the customer in the right
direction, and recommend professionals.

In 2007 Wood-Tex Products opened an additional store in
Montgomery, Alabama, to accommodate the increasing demand
for their expanding line of customizable wooden structures. Their
modular and L-shaped barns are popular with horse owners all
over the country. The L-shaped barn, over a thousand square feet,
includes an eight-foot overhang, which simultaneously allows
horses shade, protection from snow and rain, and relief from
flies, while enjoying the fresh air. The L-shaped model allows for
natural airflow through and around the stalls, creating efficient
and effective ventilation. Kickboards composed of solid white
oak, running four feet up the inside walls, protects the horse as
well as the barn.

Besides superior craftsmanship and quality materials, the
staff at Wood-Tex Products is conscious of the continued
ecological strain of building on an already stressed planet. Kent Lapp, son
and general manager, says, "Buildings constructed with wood
are a better choice for the environment. Manufacturing the wood
used in wood buildings produces less air pollution, fewer harmful
greenhouse gases, and less water pollution." The barns are
economical as well as designed for the comfort and the health of
the horses they house.

Designing is Kent's favorite part of the creative process. He
says, "It's a lot of fun working with customers because everyone
has different ideas. It is a challenge to design so that the price is
efficient but so that customers have exactly what they want. The
most rewarding part of the business is when the barn is delivered,
and customers come back ecstatic about their purchase." Laurie
B. of Massachusetts reports, " experience with Wood-Tex has
been incredibly easy! The quality is much more than I expected.
You guys are great! I will recommend you to anyone interested!!"
Run-in sheds are very popular with Wood-Tex Products'
northeast clientele. The run-ins are portable with metal tow hooks
on the corners, but they do not need to be anchored. The sheds
can be towed with chains and a tractor or a four-wheel-drive
truck. The run-ins, perfect for those horse owners who want their
horses turned out full-time in a natural environment, are built to
withstand all types of New England weather and snow conditions.
Moving the sheds allows for clean up and pasture rotation,
reducing stress on overworked areas.

Wood-Tex Products is all about selling quality-crafted
buildings that customers love for the efficiency of design and
eye appeal. From when customers order to the completion
and delivery of that order, the staff at Wood-Tex prides itself
on ensuring that each and every customer is happy with their
purchase. Kent emphasizes, "Our commitment to customer
satisfaction is key. We stand behind all of our products, and we
offer a seven-year warranty on all of our buildings from top to
bottom, including windows, hinges and hardware." Gaylee R.
of New Hampshire says, "My husband and I were very pleased
with the professional service and the quality of the materials and
workmanship we received from Wood-Tex Products! The whole
process was hassle free and we are totally satisfied!"
For more information on barn and run-in shed specifications,
options, prices, and delivery, go to or call
607-243-5141, 1-866-WoodTex.

For more information about horse barns or other horse barn accessories visit check out Woodtex Products.

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